Being an owner is the pinnacle of involvement in equestrian sport. Unlike any other Olympic sport, Equestrian is the only sport where the athlete works closely with an animal and depends upon that animal completely for their personal success in a competition. Owning a horse is a thrilling experience, which reaps personal rewards beyond anything you can ever imagine.

Furthermore buying a talented young horse can be a good investment opportunity. Good horses always gain value as they become more experienced and move up the levels in the sport. Perth Performance Horses are confident that we can select quality horses that will value add. We know that we possess the riding skills needed to train these horses through to the top level in eventing or show jumping.

Perth Performance Horses is currently looking for an individual or business that is interested in investing in a quality horse for eventing or show jumping. You may be interested in owning a horse in full or perhaps just a share, either way we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Sarah +61 438 443 670 / isbister.sarah@gmail.com OR Belinda +61 418 580 532 / belinda.isbister@gmail.com.


Wyunga Grazing Company (owned by parents Ian and Julie Isbister) have being incredible long term supporters of Perth Performance Horses. Ian and Julie have provided the funds and facilities to start Perth Performance Horses and without their endless support Belinda, Sarah and Emma would not have been able to achieve what they have today. So thank you Wyunga Grazing Co!

As an owner of a PPH horse, you could have the enjoyment of watching your horse compete at venues such as those below!