Legends of the Past


Bruce was and still is a top quality horse, extremely consistent in all phases and very competitive at National and International Competitions. With Belinda on board they successfully competed at Adelaide International 5* with in 2015. Too many wins at 4* level to count he truly was one in a million. After making the decision to retire him from top level eventing Belinda enjoyed establishing his dressage skills with tempi-changes, passage and piaffe.

Holy Bruce at Adelaide International 3DE 5*


Blacky was the underdog throughout the first few years of his career. His self belief and complete bravery in jumping meant this little horse developed by Sarah as a young rider, was able to go on to have an incredible career in showjumping. Together they competed at World Cup level in Australia before making their way across the sea to first New Zealand and then Europe.

Little Britton in Europe on the MET Tour